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About the Family

   Uniting Steelers fans worldwide, in the common interest of developing fan recognition, fan benefits, and a positive fan presence in all communities.
   SteelCity Mafia is a worldwide fan "Family" committed to creating unique experiences for Steelers fans.  Through the organization of fans via membership, gameday venues, fan and charitable events we hope to further strengthen, network and expand the already tremendous Steeler fan base.
   SteelCity Mafia is devoted to strengthen, enhance and unite all Steeler fans worldwide. We strive to develop fan recognition and fan experience while encouraging a positive fan presence in every community. We receive funding through memberships and sales of apparel that fans wear to flaunt their pride, and we use these funds for player appearances and events.
   Several years back, a small group of local Steeler fans that met regularly at a sports bar in East Tennessee began to grow as they watched their team play each week. Within a matter of months, the bar was packed with patrons wearing black and gold, chanting, and waving Terrible Towels. As their numbers continued to grow, the number of opposing fans that had frequented the bar began to dwindle. By the seasonís end, the few remaining rival fans began venting their frustration, comparing the Steeler fans to the mafia, since they had taken over their place. The next week, the club responded by proudly displaying a banner stating, "Welcome to the Home of the Steel City Mafia".
   Such a demonstration of team spirit defines the strength of the Steeler Nation, a phenomenon that occurs in virtually every U.S. city on Steeler Sundays. We've all seen it and witnessed it firsthand. No matter who you are or where you live, you see them everywhere Ö Pittsburgh Steeler fans! We are the most passionate, dedicated, knowledgeable, vocal, and widely represented professional fan base on the planet. We live and breathe Steeler football. We believe in fundamental football, a smash mouth style of play, pounding the rock, and making you sore in the morning. We love cheering for a team that is Family owned, that prioritizes a hard work ethic, and that doesn't overpay the flashy players. We take pride in our players who play as a team and don't stoop to off- field antics. We fans are not content simply to watch a football game; we want to be involved.
   Geographical distance does not limit our level of commitment to our team. We take over every bar, restaurant, city, or stadium on Steeler game days like no other team can even hope to do. Steeler bars can be found in every major U.S. city, a claim that no other professional football team can make. We don't die; we multiply! Fans in rival stadiums just scratch their heads, wondering where all those towels come from. One fact will always remain: all Steeler games are home games!
  We recognize the negative connotations associated with the word "mafia". However, we see it as a metaphor that represents the strong following of the Steeler Nation and the close camaraderie that exists within our Family of fans. We love the competitive nature of the sport but understand the importance of respect and sportsmanship. The only violence we condone is in the form of  a bone crushing hit on an opposing teams quarterback!
   If you share our Steeler passion and want to have the SteelCity Mafia experience, Join the Family today and spread the word

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