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Be a Boss

Got what it takes to be a Boss?
   The SteelCity Mafia has an offer you can't refuse. One of the goals of SCM is to designate a Mafia hangout in every city with a Steeler following.  As you can imagine, with the unparalleled loyalty of the Steeler fans, taking this responsibility head on will require help from hundreds of Mafia members.  That�s where you come in.
The Offer:
   We are looking for motivated Steeler fans to be highly involved with the organizations leadership to help set up SCM Family - friendly venues all over the country. The locally owned tavern, meeting place or the mega sports bar are all acceptable venues as long as they are willing to treat SteelCity Mafia members like VIPs on Steeler game days.  Bosses will help establish a working relationship with potential venue owners/managers.
What's in it for me? :
   Those members that who are interested in getting involved with the Mafia at this level will be recognized as the Boss of your specific locality.  They will also be recognized as an integral part and leader of the SteelCity Mafia Family.  You will get 100% credit for all recruits that your venue produces.  When a Boss achieves a minimum of 50 recruits, they are eligible for consideration to nominate them as a MADE member of The Family.  MADE members are honored at our Annual Sit-Down Banquet.  Guests of honor are furnished a gratis Banquet ticket, hotel lodging for that night, and have their collar �buttoned� by the Player Host.  The player presents the newly MADE member with a special lapel pin that indicates their promotion in status.  Bosses also have unique travel opportunities to assist with staffing events, many involving special contact with current/former players, and of course they always have VIP access to events.  Bosses also receive a 10% discount on SCM merchandise.
What needs done? :
  • A venue will need to be established as the local chapters gameday gathering place.
  • The venue must agree to offer and honor an agreed upon food discount % to each card carrying member on Steeler game days.
  • The venue must also provide top television billing to all Steeler games, including sound.
  • Bosses will promote the SteelCity Mafia and recruit new members. They will also be responsible for keeping up-to-date of SteelCity Mafia events so they can keep local members informed.
What's in it for the venue? :
  • The venue will be fully promoted as an official SCM Hangout on under the SCM Family Hangout page.
  • The venues name, address, phone, email and web page will be included and linked.
  • SCM will use its promotional power via the website and emails to assist in any special events that the venue hosts for Steelers fans.
Venue owners/management will also receive special deep discounts on the following options that SCM can offer due to our partnerships with various entities:

Player appearances
SCM can arrange for player appearances at any �connected� venue.  Venue owners can specify what type of an investment they could make (whether 100% vested or via sponsorship) and SCM will use its pull to arrange for a suitable player guest for a special event.
SCM can put venues in touch with Steeler memorabilia dealers that will provide deep discounts to SCM affiliates and members.  Picking up some discounted memorabilia for raffles is a great way to generate some fan interest and boost attendance.
   The SCM Family is always looking to expand and network with Steelers fans/clubs worldwide.  We are very passionate about growing the family and bringing the Steeler Nation closer together.  If you are interested in heading up a local chapter of SteelCity Mafia in your area please contact Boss Jen Menichini at [[email protected]] and be sure to include your contact information and the best time to reach you.
Grazie ,
~ The Godmother 
�Why are you called the Mafia ? �, asks an interested party.
�Because when the SCM Family comes to town, Steeler fans will take over your stadium, your bars, and your town.�, says the Godfather.

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