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Chapter Spotlight

2008 December Chapter Spotlight - The Rusty Bucket (Lakewood, CO)

December 16, 2008


Steelers fans in the Denver area have been gathering at this Lakewood establishment since the early 90s, but in June 2007, it took on a whole new persona.  Local Boss, Ron Rosso took over, and with the help of his partner Frankie, it’s quickly becoming THE hangout of local and vacationing Steelers fans. With crowds of upwards to 120 patrons on game day, viewing is available on 12 different televisions.

Fans that come to The Rusty Bucket to watch the Steelers can’t get enough of the taste of Pittsburgh that The Rusty Bucket offers. Game day specials include Primanti Brothers style sandwiches, and pierogies.  They’re also each treated to a free shot from the bar at halftime, as Pittsburgh Joe entertains with his accordion, playing current Steeler fight songs along with the old standards, such as the original fight song sung by Jimmy Pol.

The Rusty Bucket currently boasts 35 Steel City Mafia members, and is continually trying to expand on that number.  They’ve volunteered and helped with the local children’s hospital, and cook dinners on Thanksgiving for those in need.  Boss Ron has also agreed to host an SCM rally/fundraising event the next time the Steelers play in Denver, if it can be arranged.

The Rusty Bucket is located just four miles from the Denver city limits, so check them out next time you’re there.  The address is:
3355 S. Wadsworth Blvd, #G-101, Lakewood, Colorado 80227, or call 303-980-6200 for directions.

You can also contact local SCM Boss Ron Rosso

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