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How do I become a “MADE” member of the SteelCity Mafia?

   Each year, certain members are selected to be recognized for their achievements and/or contributions to the common good of the SCM mission.  While there are certain criteria for achieving the honor of being nominated as a “MADE” member, ultimately the Board of Directors determine which members will be recognized.  Members who are selected are invited to the Annual Sit-Down Weekend as Guests of Honor.  As our guests newly “MADE” members receive VIP treatment including access to the main event, hotel lodging the night of the Banquet, and the experience of having their collar “buttoned” by the Player Host.  All of course “on the sleeve” of SCM.  Guests of Honor receive their BOSS lapel pin at the Sit-Down, a special bottle of wine commemorating the Event, and get the opportunity to meet the Player Host and have photos taken & autographs signed.


Below are a few of the factors considered when choosing The Board of Directors chooses the annual candidates:


  • When a Boss achieves a recorded minimum of 50 recruits, they are automatically eligible for consideration for nomination as a MADE member of The Family.* 
  • Charitable efforts
  • Promotional efforts
  • Event staffing/assistance efforts
  • Philanthropic efforts
  • Membership tenure (1 year minimum is the standard and a factor, but does not disqualify)
  • Boss tenure (2 seasons minimum service is the standard and a factor, but does not disqualify)

*Note – 50 recruits does NOT automatically result in immediate MADE member status.  It takes a little more than just buying a Boss package to be a MADE member of the SteelCity Mafia.  On the other hand, a member does not require 50 recruits to be a candidate.  Although more difficult to solicit a nomination, in certain situations a member could qualify based on certain meritorious efforts.  Its Quality, Commitment and Service that we are looking to acknowledge, and show reverence and appreciation for!!!
Be a difference maker and get involved, get new members … and GET MADE!

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