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Pat House

August 29, 2009
Pat House has been married for 37 years to Frank, her high school sweetheart.  The House's have a son, a daughter, two grandchildren and their Maltese baby, Dayze. They currently live in Longwood, FL where they are owners and operators of a commercial fence company.

Pat grew up in the Pittsburgh area, thus a die-hard Steeler fan her whole life.  Said Pat:
I have a "Steeler room" in my house with walls covered with various Steeler memorabilia, including autographed plaques of players from the 70's. While I love all the players, my favorite former player is Jerome Bettis and favorite current player is Hines Ward."

Pat has been a Steel City Mafia member since Octpber 2008, and is currently the Orlando area SCM Boss. Pat's venue is the only official site for Steel City Mafia in the central Florida area, that being MT Muggs Sports Pub in Longwood, where I watch the Steeler games with about 40 Steeler fans. Each week I cook a buffet for all of the Steeler fans, and we take over the pub in true "Steel City Mafia" style every week.  But I still manage to get to Heinz Field for at least one game every year.

Pat is  always looking to recruit new members wherever she is.  She gives out her personal cards and also places them on cars that shows any indication the car is of a Steelers fan. There are many Steeler fans in Florida, and for Pat, wherever she goes wearing her "Steelers gear" she is sure to strike up a conversation with someone about the Black and Gold.
Pat House drives a black Navigator that is decked out with SCM logos and decals and draws plenty of attention. The Houses have been to games at Jacksonville and Tampa and Pat attests that there were probably more Steelers fans there than the home teams.
Pat believes that the Steelers have a very good chance of going to Miami to the Super Bowl this year. She is a very proud member of the Steeler Nation believing they have the most loyal, die-hard fans of any of the teams in the NFL.

MT Muggs just remodeled their bar and their website is under construction at this time, but hopefully will be back up and running soon!

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