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Ron Rosso

By Lou Bouris
December 15, 2009

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I recently spoke with Ron Rosso, owner of the Rusty Bucket in Denver, Colorado and proud SCM Member.   His establishment is not only a Game day Hangout, but also was the site of a great Family gathering featuring Steeler legend Frenchy Fuqua.  More information and Fan photos from the Rusty Bucket can be seen on their newly revamped website at:

How long have you been a Steeler fan, and what was your earliest Steeler
"From birth I'd imagine... I was born in Sewickley, PA, grew up in Baden, PA and went to Ambridge High School.  So I was born & raised and worked in steel mill country which means you are ALWAYS a Steelers fan!  And even when you move away it does not leave you."

Do you have a favorite current player and/or all time favorite?
"Hard calls, but.... Current: Hines Ward & Troy Polamalu; All Time: Joe Greene & Jack Ham.  I really liked watching Ham, he was perfection and then just walked back to the huddle after a huge play, while Lambert was all pumped up and slapping Ham around after just watching what Ham did...that happened all the time.  As for Greene, he was in total control on the field and everyone knew it, on and off the felt good with him as the leader."

Do you have any game day rituals, or do anything special for Steeler games?
"Climb on the roof of The Rusty Bucket to fly the Steeler Nation flags and eat pierogies during the game."

How long have you been in the Mafia?
"Since 2007, just after attending the SCM extravaganza that was at Harold's Cave Creek Corral in the Phoenix area in September 2007, amazing event.  The only downer that w/e was we lost the game."
What does being a member of Steeler Nation mean to you?
"Pride.  Being part of a fan club that has nearly as many members without deep Pittsburgh roots (or none at all...), as those who have a true Pittsburgh connection, best defines how genuine the Steeler Nation is."

With the season taking a dramatic turn after starting 6-2, what do you feel
 the team can do to turn it around?
"This year they need to stay the course but focus MUCH more, and the veterans and Tomlin NEED to keep dissention out of the locker room.  They also may want to add a new wrinkle in the running game, working in Dixon on some a Cordell thing.  For NEXT SEASON here are a few things on my mind....  Obvious things: 1) New O-coordinator; 2) New special teams coach; 3) Beef-up at cornerback (free agent or high draft pick).  Less obvious things:  1) Revamp the O-line (need top notch free agent or #1 draft pick); 2) Start making the team "younger", starting with the D-line and linebacking corp."
How do you think Tomlin is doing in his 3rd season, and what do you think he
 can do to help the team finish the season strong? 
"I think Tomlin is doing fine for Year 3, but needs to take more control of the game when things are not going so good or when key players are out.  But he also needs to stay within himself; I think last year's Super Bowl went to his head a little too...  For the rest of this year he should stay with the veterans he has and regroup next year to address the obvious issues.  This team is not as bad as its record so he needs to rebuild their confidence and go with what he has the final 3 games.  We all tend to forget that this team can still make the playoffs, though that is very remote.  But Tomlin needs to stress that and get them to win the first game and go from there, don't give up.  This is a veteran team, but losing is like a disease and hard to shake, even for the seasoned vet.  He needs to get them through this, stay the course this year.
Also, he should never let his O-coordinator run out the first half with 1:45 left just because you have a very green (but good...) quarterback in, one that had a 136 QB rating in that half too....Ravens game.  I have never been so embarrassed watching the Steelers as I was when I saw that, we have always been an attack team.  I have never seen that ever in the NFL, not trying to score during a 2 minute drill.  What was Arians thinking, Dixon was playing great up to then.  And then in the 3rd quarter Arians had Dixon throwing the ball like he was Brett Favre or something....very inconsistent, as usual.  I think THAT reflects the key turning point of when this team started to be tentative.  I assume that was Arians' call, and that would go along with MANY bone headed things he's done since 2007.  Maybe that kind of "attack' mentality is why the "Browns" fired him."

Any personal stories about the Steelers or anything else you would like add?
"Not really, except hanging with Frenchy at The Rusty Bucket this season was a hoot."

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