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Tim Schwartz

By Steel City Mafia
January 28, 2009
Tim is originally from Bellevue, Ohio and has lived in south Louisiana since 1989.  He’s currently the local boss of an SCM hangout in New Orleans, The Fox –n- Hound, which welcomed at least 75 patrons to a tailgate party before this year’s divisional playoff game against San Diego.  He’s currently responsible for 74 SCM recruits, a number that’s sure to grow immensely when another SCM hangout, <i>Champs</i>, opens in Baton Rouge.  Tim will also be Champs’ local boss.

Looking back, his earliest Steeler memory is Super Bowl X, and more specifically, Lynn Swann’s first catch that day as he tight-roped the sideline.  While Swannie’s big day is Tim’s earliest memory, he states that his fondest Steeler memory has to be the 1978 AFC championship against the Oilers.  As he recalled the play where Bradshaw slid through the ice & slush on his lower back, Tim says he could see it happening through his mind’s eye.

Tim’s favorite current Steeler is Hines Ward while Jack Lambert is his all-time favorite.

When asked what it means to be a member of Steelers Nation, Tim replied: “It means the world to me!”, explaining that he feels we’re the most humble fans in sports (which I’m sure will get arguments from other NFL fans).  He also noted how Steelers fans don’t jump on and off of the bandwagon, proclaiming “We stick with our team through thick and thin.”

He also told me he knew Steelers fans were everywhere, but joining the Steel City Mafia really exposed him to how “NATIONwide” Steeler fandom truly is.



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