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Daniel Sims

By Lou Bouris/Mr. Steeler
June 12, 2009
This month Lou Bouris spoke with SCM member Daniel Sims, and this Black and Gold fanatic and soon to be "made" SCM member from Ruckersville, Virginia, filled me in on what it means to him to be a member of Steeler Nation.

Daniel Sims became a Steelers fan in 1974 when he was just six years old.  His parents are both Redskins fans and his sisters Cowboys fans. Living in Virginia at that time it was pretty much only the Skins on local television.  As it is well known, that was a year that the Steelers made the playoffs and it was my Daniel's first taste of Steeler Nation.  Swann, Lambert, Stallworth, Webster, Shell, all drafted in the same year.  That was his first experience actually seeing the Steelers play, and it made a tremendous impact Daniels Sims' life. He has been hooked ever since.  Starting right then and all the way through today, Daniel's favorite player has always been "Iron Mike" Webster.  Webster was tough as steel and always gave everything he had on every single play.  Daniel says he was devastated to watch him finish his career and play with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Does Daniel have any game day rituals and good luck charms?  He says he has his own.  However, revealing them Mr. Sims states it would put a hex on our team!  Watch a game with Daniel Sims and then he doesn't mind showing those rituals, but that isn't something he's ready to reveal in this forum.  In Super Bowl XLIII, when Fitzgerald scored on that long touchdown reception, Daniel went to his good luck charm and the Steelers marched downfield and scored the winning touchdown.  IT WORKED!

Daniel believes Mike Tomlin has been doing a great job since taking over the reins from Coach Bill Cowher.  He stopped questioning the Rooneys when they delivered on a promise they made to the fans a few years back.  Dan Rooney said that a new stadium was needed to get the Steelers more competitive and that it would enhance our chances to win another Super Bowl.  While Daniel loved Three Rivers Stadium and it hurt to see it torn down, just a few years later...two more Super Bowl rings.  Daniels says he wouldn't change a thing, they know exactly what they are doing.

Daniel Sims has been a Steel City Mafia member since November 2006, and says being a part of this great thing of ours has brought him into contact with some amazing people.  he has  been fortunate to have attended over 200 games both home and away.  Everywhere Daniel goes he says he sees the same folks.  No matter if he'sin Jacksonville, Cincinnati, Cleveland, New England, Buffalo, or in the Steel Town.  Great people and good times.  Daniels wishes to share that experience with everyone he can.  It's a great feeling!

Daniel's game day venue is McGrady's Irish Pub, located at 946 Grady Avenue, Suite 16 in Charlottesville Virginia.  (

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