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By The Godfather, SteelCity Mafia
July 19, 2010
     If you are interested in helping SCM in becoming THE Insider Steeler News source, we encourage you to contact us.  SCM needs passionate family members to help build a powerhouse team of writers/bloggers/interviewers/social networkers/diagnosticians/promoters/& website facilitators to assisting in helping the SCM evolve from being the #1 Steeler Fan Club into the #1 Steeler Fan Voice!!!  If you are ready to make Steeler history, SCM is ready to provide a channel/platform/venue for your voice to be heard and an outlet for your passion of the Steeler Lifestyle.  We are looking for leaders and people with skill sets that can make an impact.  If you are interested in sacrificing your time and sharing your talents, please contact SCM.  2010 is the start of a new decade of Steeler football.  We want to be dab smack in the middle of it, how about you?
     As always, thanks for the tremendous support and outpouring of Steeler fortitude and pride!!!  GO STEELERS!!!!!!
~The Godfather
[email protected]

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