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December 01, 2010
Dear Fellow SCM Family Members ...
I would like a minute of your time to make you are aware of my involvement with the Taste of the NFL, a national effort to stop hunger in America .  Every year I am fortunate enough to be involved in the Super Bowl by representing the Steelers at the Taste of the NFL event.  Annually the event is held at a major venue (like the Ft. Worth Convention Center this year) where there are 32 food stations ... each with a former player serving "local culinary delights" prepared by the finest chef's chosen to represent each NFL City.  Itís a lot of fun for and for an important cause.  Last year we were able to win the contest between all the players representing their respective NFL teams by selling my signed Steelers helmet (I also got Ham and Lambert to add their HOF signatures) for $10,000.  Because we won, that money was distributed directly to the Pittsburgh Food Bank.  I think the 2010 ďcompetitionĒ between all the NFL teams, to see which fan base can raise the most money,  is a perfect project and challenge for my SCM Family and the rest of the Steeler Nation.  Please visit the KICK HUNGER CHALLENGE web page and you will find some alarming and devastating facts about the need for more food in America.  Itís tragic that 14,000,000 kids are not getting enough food, and we all have an opportunity to help.  I know that the Steeler Nation can make a significant impact on this essential basic human need and show the rest of the NFL what makes and why Steelers Fans are so special.  Itís a perfect situation for the Steelers Nation to show its strength, unity and to also win the "Food Super Bowl:.  I have made an initial contribution of $250 to start this off and have had 2 other donations which put us in an early lead.  But we will need much more help to win and to make a difference.  Please donít feel like you have to match me as any amount ($100, $50, $25 or whatever you can contribute) will help the cause and help the Steelers Nation to win this challenge and make an impact for people in need.
Best always,
Andy - Member #34

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