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Pay James Harrisons Bogus Fine

By Boss Kennedy, SteelCity Mafia
October 21, 2010
ITS REALLY SIMPLE.  Member Leah Griffin has asked the SCM Family and the rest of the Steeler Nation on FACEBOOK to do as follows ...
I would like EVERY person who likes this page to send $1 with a note that says:
"For James Harrison's fine. Steeler Nation"
to Roger Goodell,
c/o National Football League
280 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017.

In 2 days over 11,000 members of the Steeler Nation have approved her post and most have sent $1.  Lets help the bold LEAH and support her initiative by clicking and sending.  Lets keep the LFL (Lingerie Football League) from integrating with the NFL's Offensive Units.

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