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The Family Comes Home

By Lou Bouris
October 22, 2010

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Pop Rocks gets the crowd going

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Boss Lamb with some Family

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Early crowd getting into game mode.

The Family Comes Home
When some of the SCM Bosses met up with Mike Pitterich at a charity event last year, a relationship was forged that the entire Family will benefit from. You see, Mike not only loves the Steelers, the Mafia and the charities that it helps, but also owns the establishment that is now the first Official Mafia Hangout in Pittsburgh. This past Sunday, The North Shore Saloon played host to the SCM Homecoming Tailgate party before the Steelers beat up on the Browns. It was the first ‘official tailgate’ party at the Mafia’s newest Hangout.
Doors opened for Family Members at 8:30 a.m., and by probably 8:35 there was a sizable Family gathering gearing up for the game that would start 3.5 hours later. For the small price of admission, there was all you could eat tailgate food, and all you could drink pop and beer. That’s right, all you could drink draft beer starting at 8:30 for this gameday. This place might be the newest SCM Hangout, but it knows how to welcome Family and get the crowd ready for a Steeler game. Although it was a Family only event, new members were welcomed with open arms to sign up, come in and enjoy the festivities. I don’t know if it was because they saw how much fun the Mafia was having inside, or the fact that the North Shore Saloon was the only bar in the city serving beer this early, but the Family signed up numerous new recruits this morning.
With the bar filling up with Black and Gold wearing fanatics, the live musical entertainment stepped up and started rocking the joint. When you first see the group Pop Rocks, you think “They’re just little kids…they gonna sing Barney songs?” Then they start jamming and you suddenly forget how old they are. Playing their own instruments and belting out tunes ranging from hard rock to classic rock to Steeler fight songs, these kids were amazing. Haven’t heard of them? Type in ‘Pop Rocks Steelers” on YouTube and check them out.
A few of the original Dons were on hand, of course there was SCM Swag gear for sale, and a whole new crop of Steeler fans were introduced to the Family. While some of us headed over to the stadium, the North Shore stayed packed throughout the game, and of course in true SCM fashion a former Steeler showed up to mingle and celebrate the win. Louis Lipps, an SCM favorite who seems to show up at our events quite frequently, could be seen high fiving fans, taking pictures, and just enjoying himself with the Family.
The first SCM official event at the North Shore Saloon was a rousing success, and was followed up by yet another Steeler victory. Don’t have tickets to the game? Is this week an away game? No worries, just head on down to the North Shore Saloon and take the game in there. Not a member of the Mafia yet? Just ask, I am sure they can help you out. Believe me, if you’re not in Hienz Field, then this is the place to be on a gameday. Mike and his staff will definitely treat you like Family.

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