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Boss 'Tony' Lui

By Lou Bouris
January 10, 2011
I recently had a chance to talk with Boss ‘Tony’ Lui, a bossman in Tucson, Arizona, and found a few things on what makes this Steeler die-hard tick. So to my Mafia Family, I’d like you to meet Boss Tony:
How long have you been a Steeler fan, and what was your earliest Steeler memory?
I have been a Steeler fan since I was 7...during SBXXX!! I remember the heart displayed on the field by the Steelers was better than the football played by the champs! From there I knew that the Pittsburgh Steelers were my team!! I fell in love with coach Cowher's style and the Steeler style of football, and the more I learned of our past, ownership and fans the more I fell in love with the Steelers!!!
- Do you have a favorite current player and/or all time favorite?
I do... Hines Ward embodies all what a football player in the National Football League is supposed to be!! Simply great!! After that it's a straight wash I can't pick, I am a defensive minded guy so I love all of our defensive guys!!
- Do you have any game day rituals, or do anything special for Steeler games?
Not really at this time, I do have give aways for SCM Members at the Hangout during Steeler games, I give away a wide variety of items from decals to autographed pictures, every week!!
- How long have you been in the Mafia?
I have been a SCM Member since July of 2010, so not long. I am honored to be featured! Steeler Nation is big down here in Tucson, SCM is blowin up! I became a member by stumbling upon it from browsing facebook and saw Boss Steeler Chick's DC link! I read everything on the site and joined right there after!
- What does being a member of Steeler Nation mean to you? It means everything too me, I wear it on my sleeve!! I live and die with the Pittsburgh Steelers!!! Steeler Nation is like no other, I have meet so many wonderful people that all share my love for the Steelers!! Nothing on the planet like Steeler Nation!!!
- The Steelers are the #2 seed this year, what is your outlook for #7 this year?
Well in Week 1 I called us beating the Pats in their house too go to the SB, So we are right on track!! I am psyched about our chances at a 7th ring!! We will play Bal. and show everyone how Smash mouth football is played!! Here We Go Steelers Here We Go!!!!
- Any personal stories about the Steelers or anything else you would like add?
Now that I am a SCM Member I am looking forward too building some great memories and meeting some great people!! Looking forward to some sit down dinners and CSA events!! Not to mention Steeler Games!!!
-Anything else you would like to share with the SCM Family?
I am dedicated too uniting Steeler Fans Worldwide! We all love our Steelers and share a Pride like no other team, I just want too bring us together!!
STEELER NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SteelCity Mafia For Life!!!!!!!

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