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Playoffs - North Shore Style

By Lou Bouris
January 19, 2011

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Pop Rocks cranked out the tunes

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Who's next? North Shore bartenders pouring shots

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Come to the North Shore and Hang with the Bosses

Playoffs – North Shore Style
Mafia members from across the country flocked to Pittsburgh on Sunday to see the Steelers battle the Ravens with an AFC Championship spot on the line, and as usual the North Shore Saloon was the host to a Playoff caliber tailgate party.
The first sight you see when you walked into the North Shore is Boss Hertzog in his full Mafia suit, welcoming patrons to the party. When you see a Boss in that easily recognizable long, gold jacket, you know it’s gameday and that you’re in the right place. Moving around the bar, you’re able to talk to Mafia members from all over. Ohio, Tennessee, DC, Michigan, all traveled to the Burgh to hang with the Family and watch the Steelers knock out the Ravens.
I made my way through the crowd to the bar, and I got there just in time to see two lovely bartenders climb up on top of the bar and start dancing, while at the same time pouring liquor straight from the bottle into the waiting mouths of the fans lined up at the bar. Great show, I thought to myself, but I guess it’ll be a few minutes until I get my beer. Until I heard a guy say “What can I get you Boss?” and I realize that I am standing next to Steeler Legend J.T. Thomas at the bar, while two other Steeler greats, Louis Lipps and Robin Cole, are behind the bar smiling and having a good time. Only at a Mafia event can you see beautiful bartenders dancing on a bar while getting served a beer by two All-Time Steeeler greats. The Mafia is a wonderful thing!
As we sat back and listened to the ‘House Band’, Pop Rocks, blast out great music, I noticed four guys in Ravens gear venture into the bar. As they looked around at the festivities, one of them muttered “Maybe this isn’t the right place for us…” If anything, the Family is very welcoming, even to those not fortunate enough to be Steeler fans. So they were welcomed in, told to enjoy the party, because there was no way they were going to enjoy the game!
The North Shore was rockin’ hours before kickoff, all throughout the Steeler victory, and then well into the night. This Sunday the Black and Gold ake on the Jets in the AFC Championshiop Game, and I can guarantee you that the North Shore and the Mafia will be hyped up even higher.
Got tickets to the game? Stop in and tailgate during a huge pre-game party. No tickets? Tailgate, stay for the game, and then stay for what I am sure will be one helluva victory party after the game.
You’ll never know what you’ll see or what former Steeler Legend you might run into, but it’s obvious that the North Shore is the place to be during this Super Bowl run.
You think there’s a better party than a North Shore Mafia Party?

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