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Brad Lambert

By Lou Bouris
May 30, 2011

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Brad with Fast Willie Parker

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Brad and James Farrior

Member Spotlight: Brad Lambert SCM #447
Those of you who have been to a Family Sit Down, know that each year a select few members get Made. Today, I’d like to introduce the Family to one of the members of the inaugural Made Class: Brad Lambert.
- How did you come about becoming a Steeler fan?
* Born and raised in da burgh. Love my hometown and the black n gold!
- How long have you been in the Mafia?
*5 years? lol
- Do you have a favorite current player and/or all time favorite?
* Troy Polamalu
- Do you have any game day rituals, or do anything special for Steeler games?
* I wear a jersey, have my terrible towel on my shoulder, and go to a local Steeler bar here in Raleigh NC
- What does being a member of Steeler Nation mean to you?
*Being a part of the best fan base in all sports is like nothing else. Steeler Nation is unreal.
- How do you think the current lockout will affect the Steelers’ play next season? (assuming there is a season…)
*Our guys know that they must stay in shape and assume that the season will start on time. They will be ready, and other teams will feel it.
- Do you have an opinion (players’ side/owners’ side/neutral) on this lockout?
* They are both morons.
- What did you think about the Steelers’ recent draft?
*Loved the 2 CB's we picked up. That was by far our biggest need.
- They have always been a smash-mouth run team, but with Ben and his young WRs, do you think they should rely more on the pass or stick with the run?
*Be a balanced offense. But I think a great move by the team that would provide an instant upgrade is to RE-SIGN 39!!! Willie Parker would provide veteran leadership, experience, and above all speed!
- How do you think Tomlin is doing so far taking over for a “legend” like Bill Cowher?
* Loved Cowher...but Tomlin is by far my favorite. Love his swagger and style. Great choice by the Rooneys.

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