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Leisure Suit Lou's Father's Day Message

By Lou Bouris
June 19, 2011

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Super Bowl XL

Today’s a day that’s set aside to honor the men who shaped our lives. They taught us right from wrong, and are truly the only role models we should be looking up to . No, it is not “National Hug a Linebacker Day,” or “QB appreciation day.” And it certainly isn’t “Kiss a Kicker Day."
Today is Father’s Day.
Fathers all over the world are special and I am sure are all great dads, but Steeler Dads are in a category all by themselves. They pass on the ‘Steeler Gene’ (that’s a medical term, I am still doing research to prove it exists…) to those of us who love sports, and instill in us the values and traditions that the Black and Gold hold so dearly.
Just take a look at the Steeler organization and you can see the values that our Steeler Dads are giving us.
Family Values – check. The Rooneys are one of the classiest owners in all of sports and run their organization like a family.
Hard Work - check. There is nothing better than putting in a good honest day’s work. Blue collar workers, white collar office workers, it doesn’t matter. Do your job proudly and to the best of your ability and you’ll get ahead in life.
Teamwork – check. Steeler players work their hardest so they don’t let down their teammates, that’s a life lesson anybody can use.
Maybe you don’t realize it, but every time you get together and watch a game, or talk football, he is reinforcing those values.
My dad and I have a lot in common; same type of job, sense of humor, we’re both hot and the ladies love us….Ok, maybe the last one is a stretch, but you get the point.
However, one of the strongest bonds we share is our love of the Black and Gold.
Some of the best memories I have are our road trips to see the Steelers play. We try to pick at least one game a season and drive to watch our team play. We’ve driven to Green Bay, Jacksonville, St Louis, Pittsburgh (we’re in Ohio, not the Burgh unfortunately), and each game we’ve seen has been special. Not only did the Steelers win every game we’ve been to, but the time I’ve gotten to spend with my dad in the stands cheering our team on has been priceless. The games themselves are great, but what’s almost better is the drive to each game. Just the two of us, talking sports, football, whatever. The culmination of all of those trips was when we drove together, and were able to watch the Black and Gold win Super Bowl XL up in Detroit together. No words can describe what sitting in the stands with my dad watching the Steelers hoist the Lombardi trophy felt like.
If at all possible, try to take your Steeler dad to a game. If that’s not possible, at least get together and watch the games on Sunday with him. I know it means just as much to dads as it does to us.
Right now, I know thousands of Steeler dads are unwrapping their father’s day gifts. Most likely an assortment of Black and Gold memorabilia, Steeler jerseys or t-shirts, and an occasional Steeler tie. Believe me, I know you can never go wrong with a Black and Gold present on this great day.
Hopefully you’ll be able to spend time with your dad on this Father’s Day, to be able to tell him you love him and thank him for everything he’s done for you. To thank him for passing on the Steeler gene, and giving you the passion for the Steelers that you know is in his blood too. Then you can talk about the upcoming season, and hopefully make plans to go to a game. If not to a game, take him to a Mafia Family function. We’re all Family, and those are great places to meet other Steeler Dads.
So to all the Steeler Dads out there across Steeler Nation, I sincerely hope you have a great Father’s Day. You guys are the greatest!
And to my Steeler Dad, I love you and Happy Father’s Day. Thank you for making me the man I am today, and for sharing my passion with this team of ours.
Now, let’s start planning this trip out to Kansas City….

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