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Member Spotlight - Carmen Santana

By Lou Bouris
July 11, 2011
Living in Cardinal territory, Carmen Santana proudly displays her love for the six-time Champs and the Steel City Mafia. This SCM card-carrying die hard really knows her football, and isn't afraid to let the rest of Arizona know that the Steelers are always the team to beat.
So Familia, I'd like to introduce you to SCM Member Carmen Santana:
- How did you come about becoming a Steeler fan?
My older brothers got me interested in football at a young age. My house growing up was divided between Steeler and Cowboy fans. Naturally, I chose the best team, a winner- the Pittsburgh Steelers. I fell in love with their smash mouth game and have never looked back.
- How long have you been in the Mafia?
I have been a member of the Steel City Mafia for 5 proud years!
- Do you have a favorite current player and/or all time favorite?
Polamalu is my favorite player because of his attitude off the field and his sheer dominance on the field. When I see that hair flying I know something good is going to happen. Woodley, Harrison and Ward are tied for second place.
My favorite former players are Jack Lambert and Rocky Bleier both for obvious reasons.
- Do you have any game day rituals, or do anything special for Steeler games?
I have so many game day rituals and superstitions that if I revealed them all I would most likely get committed into a mental facility. Here are a few-
I listen to 93.7 The Fan on my IPhone app in the morning. I update my facebook status and post a picture that is offensive to the team that we are playing against. I shower using Polamalu's shampoo even though it is for men and dress in my Steeler's finest. My terrible towels have never been washed and my jerseys only get washed after a loss. Myself and fellow Steeler fans always plan out a menu ahead of time. We take one shot before the game, and one shot after every Steeler score. We also do apush-up for every point scored, it doesn't matter if we are in a crowded restaurant. PUSH-UPS ARE GETTING DONE! After every win, we jump in my pool with all of our clothes on even if it's January. I don't want to mention what happens when we lose which isn't very often anyways. :)
- What does being a member of Steeler Nation mean to you?
Being a member of Steeler Nation means being part of a family that shares the same passion for the best team in the world! It truly is the best sports fan base. There is no better feeling than running into a fellow Steeler fan!
- How do you think the current lockout will affect the Steelers’ play next season? (assuming there is a season…)
The current lockout won't affect the Steelers this coming up season. I know when it's time to play they will be ready to bring the pain and they will be ready to hoist number 7.
- Do you have an opinion (players’ side/owners’ side/neutral) on this lockout?
My feeling on the lockout is split. The owners are putting up most of the money and have the most to lose so why should they have to share it? On the other hand, the league wants a safer game, but is fighting to extend the regular season, it just doesn't make sense.
- What did you think about the Steelers’ recent draft?
The Steeler's first draft pick made me a little skeptical at first. I think it was a good choice to focus on a DE because of the growth of the spread offense. It will help us against teams like the patriots and colts. I'm very happy with the CB picks.
- They have always been a smash-mouth run team, but with Ben and his young WRs, do you think they should rely more on the pass or stick with the run?
I think they should rely more on the pass, they relied on Mendenhall so much this past season. Although the running game is still important there's no reason they shouldn't rely on a passing attack. We have one of the top QB's and a group of young talented receivers. The league has transformed from a run-heavy league to a more open pass first mentality these last 10 years. With that in mind it doesn't make sense to run Mendenhall 300+ times a season.
- How do you think Tomlin is doing so far in his short career?
Tomlin is so cool! He is by far the pimpest coach in all of the NFL. I still have love for the Big Chin Cowher. He got in his players faces when they messed up on an important play and I wish Tomlin was more like that. Other than that... Tomlin gets an A+
- Any personal stories about the Steelers or anything else you would like to share with the SCM Family?
I know the Steelers will be hoisting number 7 very soon and I can't wait to see Goodell's face when he hands it over!

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