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Holding Court with the Mafia...

By Leisure Suit Lou
November 18, 2011

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Performing at North Shore Saloon

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Rockin' at the Hard Rock Cafe

Okay Famiglia, listen up. Leisure Suit Lou speaking here, and I need to ask yinz all a favor. Hear me out, help us out, and let’s just say ‘I’ll owe ya one.’
There’s an incredibly talented group of individuals from the Steel City that needs the Family’s support. No, not the Stillers, this time I am talking about Pittsburgh’s own pop/rock band “Holding Court.”
Haven’t heard of them? Well, maybe you have and just don’t know it. Originally called “Pop Rocks”, this group of six 14-16 year old musicians first caught the Nation’s attention in 2009 with their Pittsburgh Steeler anthem “Heartbreakers – Pittsburgh Steelers.” Do yourself a favor and check it out on YouTube if you haven’t heard it yet. This became the fan’s anthem during the Steelers’ Super Bowl run, and they were even asked to perform it live at the Steelers SB rally, hosted by Mayor Luke Ravenstahl. They’ve played venues around the city, including down at Station Square, performed live on ESPNsport radio, and maybe most importantly they’ve performed live at a few of the Mafia’s pregame parties at the North Shore Saloon!
I’ve heard this band at these Mafia gigs, and I have to say that they are truly talented well beyond their years. The group consists of guitarist Elijah Davis, Electric violinist Elektra Davis, bass guitarist Connor McCandless, Drew Santa on drums, Sara Santa on keyboards, and Courtney Brown on lead vocals. I know the Family would love these guys, because they have music in their souls, and the Steelers in their hearts! (and big hearts at that, you can buy their “Heartbreakers” hit on iTunes, will all of the money going to the Children’s Hospital Free Care Fund. How awesome is that!)
What do they need from La Famiglia?
They need our votes.
‘Holding Court’ is currently in a National Battle of the Teen Bands, and part of the judging is online voting. This National contest is sponsored by School Jams USA, and was started to promote young and upcoming musicians, as well as help local schools’ musical programs. Young bands from across the country compete, all looking to make it to the final eight and compete in the finals in Anaheim, California.
The first place winner receives a trip to Europe to perform live at the School Jams 2012 concert in Germany, as well as $1000 to go towards new equipment for the band. Both great prizes, but the members of Holding Court have already said the driving force behind their desire to win this competition is to represent Pittsburgh the best way they know how, as well as collect a check for $5000 that would go to their school’s music program. We all know what budget cuts can do and how tight money is nowadays, so 5K to a school’s music program would benefit hundreds of fellow students. Again, thinking with their hearts…
What can La Famiglia do?
Go to WWW.SCHOOLJAMUSA.COM , register, and then vote once a day for Holding Court. It’s free to register; you just need an email address, and then you are allowed to vote once a (calendar) day. A panel of judges will critique and score each band, and their scores, combined with the online voting, will make up this round of competition. The top 8 bands will then head to California to perform and ‘battle’ live at the National event. The winner will be crowned from the scores received after their Finals performance.
Now, I am not going to ‘persuade’ anybody to vote for them. I am simply asking you to check them out on YouTube, listen to some of their music, and at that point I am sure you’ll make up your own mind and cast your vote for Holding Court. Capisce?
Holding Court is a group that the city of Pittsburgh can be proud of. They’ve worked extremely hard to get where they are at right now, and with the power of Steeler Nation behind them, I am pretty sure no other band in the land would stand a chance against them.
You can check them out at their website: , look them up on FaceBook, or read more about them on the School Jam web site (listed above).
The Godfather and Leisure Suit Lou will be voting, and when the rest of the Mafia gets behind Holding Court, the rest of the competition can…

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