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Meet Boss Joey Madness

By Lou Bouris, SteelCity Mafia
March 09, 2012

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Boss Joey Madness

Attention La Famiglia!! I'd like to introduce you to a West Coast Die Hard! Leader of the 408 SCM Crew: Boss Joey Madness:
How long have you been a Steeler Fan, and what was your earliest Steeler memory?
I have been a proud Steelers Fan for almost 20 years. My Uncle John, who is a die hard fan got me on the bandwagon, and now I'm here for life (thanks Uncle John!). My earliest memories are of us losing to Dallas in Super Bowl XXX, which forever made me a Cowboy Hater! I also remember drafting Kordell and hoping he would revolutionize the QB position, never quite lived up to the Slash Hype.
Do you have a favorite current player and/or all time favorite?
My all-time favorite player would have to be Jack Lambert. He was the meanest linebacker in the game, and those missing teeth, yikes, he looked like a hockey player. My favorite current player is Maurkice Pouncey. Although he is young and immature at times, he is a great offensive lineman who can anchor our line for many years to come. I know a lot of people question his durability and heart, due to his ankle injury and recent remarks, but I believe in him, like I believe in Ben!
Do you have any game day rituals,or do anything special for Steelers games?
During training camp I pick the jersey I want to wear for the entire season. I then buy a brand new Steelers Hat (This years was a snap back since they came back into fashion) and a new pair of shoes. I have SCM embroidered shorts and an embroidered terrible towel, and that completes the outfit for the year. I show up to San Jose's Official SCM Hangout, THE BLUE CHIP, and talk to all my fellow Steeler Fans about last week's game and breakdown what needs to be done that week. During the game I love running around, hyping people up, Especially Steeler J.D.!!!! When the game is done, win or lose, I shake people's hands and tell them, "See you next week"!
How long have you been in the Mafia?
I been in the Mafia for 2 years, thanks to Boss Barry, who recruited me while I was vacationing in Santa Barbara, looking for a place to watch the Steelers game. I would have been in it from the beginning, IF I KNEW ABOUT IT!!!!!
What does it mean being a member of Steeler Nation mean to you?
Being a member of Steeler Nation is a great honor. As a kid, I played Pop Warner Football, and the last team I played for was the Steelers. I loved putting on that uniform and it meant everything to me. I know we have the best fan base in all of sports. Forget about the Yankees and Celtics, Steelers fans are the best out there. On my first trip to Pittsburgh, I flew out all alone but made friends with so many people. I had a sign saying I was from California, and hella people stopped to take pictures with me, and invited me to join their tailgates. It feels like being part of a big multi-cultural family.
How do you think Haley will do as the new Offensive Coordinator?
Well, at the Blue Chip we been talking about replacing Arians for a while, so when he was let go, it came as no shock to us, and most are happy. I knew Haley would be on a short list of outside coordinators who might interview for the job. I believe he could be a great fit, bringing a new eye and fresh blood to our team. I know his history, and he has a strong personality, but I feel like we need that to balance our overall coaching staff. Both LeBeau and Tomlin seem a bit reserved, and Haley can bring that fire that Cowher had. If he's a success, he will probably stay for four years, then become a head coach somewhere else. If he bombs, I predict he will be gone in two. I'm hoping he stays and helps us get our 7th trophy!!!!
What's your take on how the organization should handle the Ward and Wallace situations?
Well, they just let go of Hines and I know all of Steeler Nation is very disappointed, including myself. They didn't even listen to his offer of a paycut, and decided it's best to just let him go. I do believe they will try to pick him back up if he doesn't sign with another team, but that's a big IF! As for Wallace, I love him, but he isn't worth the franchise tag of $8+ million. Offering him a tender could lock him up for this year, or get us a 1st round pick, but if it's the Pats who pick 31st, I feel we would be losing big time. We need to keep our Deep Threat!! Young Money!!!
Any personal stories about the Steelers or anything else you would like to add?
This past year I was at both the Steelers/Cardinals game and Steelers/Niners on Monday Nite Football. I loved how the Steelers fans came out in huge numbers to represent. In Arizona, some Steelers fans let me sit with them in the lower level, because I lost my friends, and by the 4th quarter I was front row on the 5 yard line. We all know how the Niner game played out, but I was on T.V. and I had over 200 Steeler Fans tailgating with me and the 408 SCM. I had so many people shaking my hand and thanking me for putting on a great tailgate, It was EPIC!
Anything else you would like to share with the SCM Family?
When I started the 408 SCM it was because alot of Steelers fans I knew felt unappreciated by the venue we frequented at that time. I knew we deserved more, and after talking with some SCM Bosses, I wanted to make it a reality. I began a petition, and started organizing the fans, then low and behold, ownership found out and banned me from the premises. I found a new venue and worked out a deal to bring the Mafia, but not before I spoke with the existing Steeler fans there to get complete buy in. The rest is history. We have over 60 card carrying members and get new fans stopping by regularly.So, shout outs to our whole 408 SCM crew, without you, I wouldn't be the Member Spotlight today!!! Shout out to my boy Rudy DeAnda, the owner of the Blue Chip for having us, and a special big shout out to Nicole Shaver, who has been my 2nd in command from day one, and helps me with every aspect of running the club! Last but definitely not least, shout out to my wife, Krystal Garcia, who took me that Winter Sunday to Sharkeez in Santa Barbara, her hometown, to meet Boss Barry and opened my eyes up to what a Steelers Hangout should be like. For those who don't know, I'm Boss Madness and its 408 SteelCity Mafia 4 Life!!! FUGGEDABOUTIT

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