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A Family Member in Need

By Leisure Suit Lou
May 04, 2012
That’s not just a catchy slogan for the greatest fan club known to man, but it’s also a way of life for all of it’s members.
You can see it at the annual Sit Down weekend, when Family members from across the country get together and hang out like they’ve known each other for years.
You can see it at Steeler games, both home and away. Hanging with Mafia members who offer up everything from tickets to the game, rides anywhere you need to go, and even a couch to sleep on if needed.
There are no strangers when you see the SCM banner or the legendary ‘Gold Suits’ of the Bosses. If you’re with the Mafia, then you’re Family. No questions asked.
Being in such a tight knitted family, we’re quick to protect our own, and jump to help if a family member is in need.
This past week, a tragedy struck an SCM Chapter when a fire destroyed Cuz’s Susquehanna Bar and Grille in Exeter, Pa. One of La Famiglia’s newest Mafia hangouts.
Manager Francesco Stuppino, his son Joe Stuppino and his daughter Francesca Butcofski, a family of lifelong Steeler fans, were extremely excited when they became an official Mafia Hangout this year, and were looking forward to a great season of Steeler football with Family. Their establishment was filled with an unbelievable collection of memorabilia that they had been collecting their entire lives. Bettis, Ham, Woodson, Clemente, just about any great that wore the Black and Gold had a memorabilia piece honoring them. Even Western PA greats such as Joe Montana and Jim Kelly had autograph pieces to celebrate the great sports tradition of the area.
Sadly, the fire destroyed just about every piece of this collection. It was a devastating blow to the Stuppino family, losing an establishment that they had poured their hearts and souls into.
Local Steel City Mafia Boss Jennifer Menichini, said that Stuppino is a “really great, old Italian guy, who’s extremely proud his establishment has become a Mafia Hangout. That bar was their life, now they’re just devastated!”
This is when we can show exactly what it means to be not only a member of Steeler Nation, but also a member of a very strong Famiglia.
The Stuppino’s are rebuilding, and hoping to secure any donations possible to help them get this Steeler bar and Mafia Hangout back up and running.
What can you do?
Take a look around at some of your Black and Gold memorabilia, pictures, autographs, whatever you can spare and donate to the cause would help.
If you are interested in donating, or helping out in any way, please contact SCM Boss Jenn Menichini. She has taken the lead, and is spearheading the effort to help this great Steeler bar get back up and running as soon as possible.
She can be reached at [email protected]
You can also contact Wendy Bennett at her Boss Steeler Chick page on FACEBOOK with any questions on what might be needed or how/where to ship items.
Let’s show them exactly what it means to be a part of this Famiglia. Let’s help make sure that they‘re ready to go, so they can have one helluva Super Bowl party when the Steelers hoist the Lombardi at the end of the 2012 season!
Let’s show the Stuppino’s that La Famiglia has their back!
Will Cuz’s Susquehanna Bar & Grille be back and better than ever?
No doubt in this Mafioso’s mind…. FUHGETTABOUTIT!!

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