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Pro Football's Most Passionate Fans

By Leisure Suit Lou
July 05, 2012

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In bookstores now!

Heading out for summer vacation soon and looking for a good book to take with you?
Well, I am not sure what’s on Oprah’s Book Club’s list right now, but I can definitely tell you one that is on the Godfather’s Book Club list.
Newly released “Pro Football’s Most Passionate Fans”, written by the Mafia’s own Harvey “Mr. Steeler” Aronson.
Steeler fans are a special breed, to be sure, but the other 31 teams in the NFL have their own die-hard fans as well, and this book tells the stories of some of the leagues most passionate.
In 1998, Visa ran a contest for fans to show why they are their team’s biggest fans. The wildest, most intriguing fans were chosen, and then enshrined in the “Visa Hall of Fans” with a plaque that hung in a special wing of the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. This book introduces you to many of these fans, with unique stories detailing their ‘fandom’ for their teams. That includes a section on Harvey himself, Steeler Nation’s representative in the 2001 Fan Hall of Fame class.
Mr. Steeler might be a fan HOFer, but he also has another title that distinguishes him amongst the legions of Steeler Nation: he was in the original class of Made members at the inaugural SCM Sit Down Weekend.
That’s right, author, HOFer, and a Made-man in La Famiglia. He played a critical role in helping the SCM in the early days, and has since branched off and also helped get the Hoboken Steelers Fan Club get up and running and served as President of the official Steelers’ Fan Club in Jacksonville, the First Coast Black and Gold.
“Pro Football’s Most Passionate Fans” introduces you to fans that, like all of Steeler Nation, live and die with their teams each Sunday. Being a Black and Gold Passionate fan is in all of us, check out this book to see how other team’s ‘special’ fans stack up!
The Godfather guarantees that you won’t be disappointed. Get the book and Fughgettabouttit!
“Pro Football’s Most Passionate Fans” can be found on Barnes and Noble and Amazon’s website.

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