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A Nation That Gives Back

By Leisure Suit Lou
July 14, 2012

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Steel Nation Association

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Working directly with Children's of UPMC.

If you've been in the Famiglia long enough, you know that the one of the main goals is to "Unite Steeler fans worldwide."
We all bleed Black and Gold, so when we get to meet up with members of other fan clubs, it's like meeting up with distant cousins. You might not know them well, but we're all in the same Famiglia!
Recently we got to meet up with one of these 'cousins', Mike Pelaia, the owner of the Steel Nation Association. This group of die-hard Black and Gold fanatics not only rabidly follow the Steelers 365 days a year, but they also great avenue to 'give back' while doing so.
Here's a quick look at what the Steel Nation Association is all about, in Mike's own words:
Steel Nation Association is an organization of Steeler fans dedicated to helping the sick kids at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. Our hub is our website , and we are always looking for new members.
As part of Steel Nation Association, you’ll gain access to one of the most complete Pittsburgh Steelers historical databases in existence. You’ll also be able to read our many blogs about the team, get your Steelers news, participate in contests, win prizes and participate in events while knowing that with your one time membership, you’ll be helping us in our main mission which is contributing money to Children’s Hospital. (We donated 40% of our GROSS in 2011). We even have a section for the little Steeler Fans out there called Kids Nation!
When you’re a part of the Association, you get all that and much, much more. For a one time donation, you’re in for life! Your membership gets you a member gift and member card which gives you access to great deals at all our Partner locations. When you’re a member, you’ll also be able to participate in our events and win cool prizes and giveaways such as player autographs, gift cards and more! To learn more about the club, visit today!
If you’re a Steeler fan and you’d like to help us in brightening the day of a sick child, then this is the association for you! Join us today and thanks for being a part of the STEEL NATION!
All SCM visitors and members are eligible for a free upgrade! When joining SNA as an All Pro member, put in code “SCM” and you’ll be upgraded to Hall of Fame for free!
That's right, not only do they bleed Black and Gold just like us, but they also work directly with Pittsburgh's Children Hospital in doing what they can to help sick kids days just a little brighter. Gotta love that.
So make sure you check out their site, and remember to use the SCM promo code if you decide to join up to get your deal!
Uniting Fans worldwide and helping others, great attributes to any organization, and two qualities that the SCM and SNA are proud to share. So check them out and spread the word.
Tell 'em Leisure Suit sent ya...and Fughetabouuutitt!

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