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SCM Has Gone Global

By Leisure Suit Lou
August 18, 2012

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He'll have to replace this with "7" time Champs soon!

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Aussie fashion is very similar to fashion here in the States.

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Mafioso Trevor Crow, helping La Famiglia grow Down Under!

Steeler and Cowboy fans have argued for years just exactly who ‘America’s Team’ really is. Dallas gave themselves the nickname years ago, but we all know who has the largest fan base.
Let me end the debate now. Dallas can keep the moniker. As nice as America’s Team sounds, it just isn’t grand enough for the Steelers.
They are the ‘World’s Team’. Steeler Nation is in every country, in all corner’s of the world.
With the Black Gold everywhere, it only seems appropriate that the SCM goes global as well.
I’d like to introduce yinz to Trevor Crow. An SCM Mate from Down Under.
This Aussie is a true Steeler Die Hard, and is eager to start helping La Famiglia grow in his corner of the world.
- Your about as far distance-wise from Pittsburgh as you could get, how did you become a Steeler fan?
# I started to watch NFL on Australian television and the Steelers we're televised regularly, I liked their style and I began to read about the history and culture of the franchise so after the great story I decided they were the team for me.
- Are there a lot of Steeler fans in your area?
# I know about a dozen but there may be more, I see the young guys wearing Steeler’s caps around town and I say are you a fan and they say no we just like the logo.
- What time do the games come on there? Do you have a gathering spot to watch with other football fans?
# At the beginning of the season it is at 3 am, when Australia has daylight savings it then becomes 4 am, and when you guys turn your clocks back its 5 am. No special place to watch just stay at home with my huge plasma.
- Did you play football growing up and/or were you exposed to "American Football" at all?
# Yes, I played rugby league until I was 37 and represented my state and country, my strength was defense which was another reason I pick Pittsburgh as my favorite team.
- Are there many football fans in your city? Is there any one particular team that is followed more than others there?
# I think so, there are a huge amount of fans out there but you don't become aware until you speak about the game and then they come out of the closet. Particular team ? Maybe the Cowboys.
- What was your earliest memory of being a Steeler fan?
# Buying a used t shirt in the mid 70's at the markets because it was black, then watching the team on TV and the rest has been unbelievable.
- Do you have an all-time favorite player and/or current player?
# Joe Greene, his story about him being drafted not wanting to play in Pittsburgh and then the culture that was created by him is just remarkable. My current favorite is James Harrison because of his toughness and defense, I am similar in size to James and I'd like to think I was also tough with my defense.
- Any particular game day rituals that you go through when the Steelers are playing?
# Yes, I am crazy on game days, I wake and watch the pre game show and then get dressed in my Steelers jersey, cap, pajama pants and coffee cup. I go to my bar room and touch helmets, McFarland figures, terrible towels and all my other Steeler souvenirs for good luck.
- How did you find out about the Mafia. # I googled Steeler websites and it appeared. Lucky me!
- Do you have plans to try and expand the Family and become our first Boss Down Under?
# Yes of course it would be my pleasure to continue recruiting, I've never been a boss of anything…not even at home!
- Have you been to Pittsburgh and/or to a game yet?
# I was meant to attend the Jags game at home last October as game day was my 50th birthday but cancelled due to family reasons, I have booked a holiday in December and will arrive in Pittsburgh on the 7th and watch the home game against the Chargers.
- What are your thoughts on the new Offensive Coordinator? How do you think him and Ben will do this season?
# They will continue to be the professionals they are and do great, they both have strong personalities and that's good for the team. We won't fail with Mike Tomlin in the middle.
- What were your thoughts on the draft? Should they think of starting the rookies early this season?
# Yes, I do think they have enjoyed successful college careers and are ready to step up, they have plenty of aggression to protect Ben.
- What is your outlook on this season? A struggle/playoffs/Super Bowl?
# Super Bowl - it's our destiny
- Anything else you would like to share with the Family?
# Thank you for all your correspondence, I am seriously blown away by your interest in me. I intend to watch many games live in the future as my kids are growing up and will be moving out soon, also I visit America once every year for work as I sell slot machines in Australia and I can arrange my travel in the football season. I just love this team and all that they stand for I have lived my life in both career and sport with the ethics, beliefs and standard that is Steeler, thanks again guys I cannot wait to meet you all.
So Famiglia, if you're headin' to the game against the Chargers in December, see if you can spot our Aussie brethren and welcome him to his first Steeler game!
Cheers Mates!

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