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Tina Day

By Leisure Suit Lou
October 03, 2012

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Big Ben was awesome

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Ryan Clark - My favorite Steeler!

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Hanging with a Hall of Famer. Thanks SCM!

Well, Iíve been meaning to get another SCM Member Spotlight up here for awhile, so I thought about quite possibly the biggest Black and Gold fan that I knew.† All of Steeler Nation are without a doubt diehard fans, but Leisure Suit Louís sister makes him look like heís just a casual fan.† She takes it to another level, and helps prove the fact that the Steelerís have the most loyal female fans in the league.

Famiglia, Iíd like you to meet Black and Gold die-hard Tina Day:


How long have you been a Steeler fan?


I have been a Steeler fan since birth.† My blood type is BG positive.† That is black and gold positive!† Iím not sure of my earliest Steeler memory I donít know if it is because I remember it or because I have heard the stories over and over again.† I remember sitting on a couch watching the game, seeing how my dad was so into the game, so focused on the game.† Me asking some questions, him explaining, and then I fell in love with the hits and the passes and the feeling of the touchdowns!† The excitement and happiness my dad showed, from that point on I knew football was important†

Do you have a favorite current player?†


My favorite player now is Ryan Clark. There are a lot of players on the team who are wonderful both on and off the field; however Ryan Clark shows something above and beyond.† On the field he shows sportsmanship, amazing athletics and overall niceness.† He doesnít let emotion dictate how his game goes.† I have met him a few times, and he is like a normal person.† He is down to earth, not full of himself at all.† He is also a great role model in the family sense.† He values his family and always puts them first.† His wife is his life and he shows that.† Not to mention how he can play on the field.† I have always loved

Favorite former Steeler?


Terry Bradshaw and I would have loved to have named a son Bradshaw, but I never saw him play, except in replay and I have never met him.† He is one of the all-time greatest players of all time, and I still love him and would love to meet him one day.† I guess as I get older my feelings change and to me the greatest player isnít what he does on the field, but rather how is on and OFF the field.†

Do you have any special game day rituals?


Any game day rituals, maybe a little.† I have to be wearing something with the Steelers on it, shoes, socks, shirt pants you name it.† Now I make sure my kids have something black and gold on too.† I am always wearing my black and gold pride with my Steelers tattoo on my side!†

How long have you been in the Mafia?


I have been in the Mafia for five years now I believe if not longer.

Do you have a favorite Mafia moment?


My favorite mafia moment which Iím not sure is a true Mafia moment, but was when we went to Chantilly for the Sports event.† I was with some of the people that meant the most to me, my brother, son and nephew.† This was the weekend I was going to meet Jerome Bettis and Hines Ward.† Sure we met a lot of players that weekend, Big Ben, Emmanuel Sanders, Mike Wallace, Ryan Clark, Dermonti Dawson and many others; however I will never forget the minute I met Jerome Bettis.† I had never been so nervous in all my life.† We were all standing in line and the boys were talking and laughing, I on the other hand was more nervous than I had ever been in my entire life.† My hands were shaking, I couldnít breathe, my heart was racing, and then it happened.† It was our turn, I saw my brother, son and nephew all shake his hand and talk to him and there I was frozen in the doorway.† Couldnít move, frozen, tears flowing.† He gave me a big hug and it seemed ok.† However I am kicking myself for not saying what I wanted to.† I had so much I wanted to say to him, and there I stood frozen unable to speak.† Just like Ralphie on a Christmas Story when he went to tell Santa he wanted the Red Rider BB Gun.† That was by far the greatest moment in the Mafia for me.† I guess if it wasnít for the Mafia being there, we might not have gone!




What does being in the Mafia and a part of Steeler Nation mean to you?


Being a member of the Mafia to me means one thing, family.† I have met hundreds of people at Mafia events and every one of them welcomes you with open arms, and I mean that literally there hasnít been one place that someone hasnít given me hug even if I just met them.†

What I think makes Steeler fans different from other fans is I donít know anyone who is Ďkind ofí a Steeler fan. Steeler fans arenít band wagon fans.† We are true to our team, good or bad.† I donít know a lot of Steeler fans who are trash talkers, other fans really give you crap and trash talk the other teams; you donít see that in Pittsburgh.† I have been to games in a few different places, and the place most welcoming is Heinz field.† I have never seen a Steeler fan fighting with another teams fan in Heinz. Now travel to Cincinnati and see if you see the same respect. Bet you a million dollars you wonít!




Any thoughts on new OC Todd Haley?


I donít know much about Haley, so I canít really answer that question, however with an offense like we have I think anyone could do this job!!!

What do you think the Steelers need to do to get back on track?


The Steelers have opened with a 1-2 season, I think they need to get all their players healthy both offense and defense and they will be back in the game.† They are missing a few key players; you know some big names who I think mess with the other teams mental game.† I mean if you were playing the Steelers and you hear Troy or Harrison werenít going to play, wouldnít you feel a sense of relief?†† But the second any of those players are off the injured list, I do believe that the other players mental status would change, they wouldnít be so confident then.†




Whatís your outlook for the rest of the 2012 season?


My outlook on the rest of the season, as long as everyone is healthy and once Ben has his baby, things will fit together perfectly like a puzzle.† To me there are no excuses in football, you have a job that you are paid a LOT to do, and you should be able to do that job.† I understand injuries, and things like that, and I also understand that Ben is anxiously awaiting his first baby.† That would make anyone nervous.† However, if she isnít in labor when the game starts, then for the next 3 hours keep your head in the game.




Anything else you want to share with La Famiglia?


The only other Steeler story I have would probably be how during the pregnancies of my two girls, both of my doctors at two different times told me no football.† I was so into the games it threw me into early contractions.† When we were stationed in South Dakota and my husband was gone for two weeks I was told by my doctor NO FOOTBALL for two weeks.† This was super hard, because in this time frame, was when we were playing Cincinnati.† I watched, with my feet up, however I did have quite a few contractions.† With my youngest, same thing, only she was ready to come out super early, 6 weeks early, just in time to see the Steelers in the Super bowl.† She was in the nicu, but she made her appearance right before the 2009 super bowl.† She still loves to watch football!!















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