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The Mafia and a Steeler Legend

October 08, 2012

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In 1968, the Steelers took a chance on an undersized RB from Notre Dame in the 16th round, with the 417th overall pick.  Little did they realize that they not only drafted a tough minded RB, but also a true hero and future Black and Gold Legend.


Robert Patrick Bleir, aka ‘Rocky’, went on to help the team win 4 Super Bowl titles, rush for close to 4,000 yards, while earning a Purple Heart and Bronze Star for his service in the Army during his tour during the Vietnam War.


Every Steeler fan knows his story: going to war after his rookie season, getting wounded during an ambush in Vietnam, coming home and enduring excruciating pain due to shrapnel still embedded in his foot.  He could barely walk at times, and was even cut on a few instances, but he had a never say quit attitude that the Rooneys loved.  He eventually carved a niche as one of the best blocking backs in the league, leading the way for Franco Harris and the Steelers’ vaunted offense during the Super Bowl runs. 


A Steeler Legend, and a true American Hero, someone all Steeler fans should get to meet if they have a chance.


Thanks to Mafia “Made Man’ Boss Yosh you now have that chance.


On November 4th, Rockey Bleier will be making an appearance at the Edgewater Mall in Biloxi, MS. 


There will be a Meet and Greet with Rocky from 12-2, then stay and watch the Steeler game with him at 3:25 at Island Strikes. 


Tickets are only $40 each, or buy 2 for $60.


Stop in to meet Rocky, glimpse his four Super Bowl rings, then hang out and watch a Steeler victory the Rock and Mafia Boss Big Yosh!


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