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RIP to our Steeler Sister

By Lou Bouris
December 13, 2012

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La Famiglia and Steeler Nation lost one of their most avid members yesterday with the passing of Michele (Rockstrok) Ogrzewalski. 


Living in the heart of Ravens’ country, Michele was never afraid to don her Black and Gold, and anybody that talked to her knew instantly that she was a true Steeler Die-Hard.  Whether it was a trip to the Burgh to see her beloved team, or hanging with her fellow Steeler fanatics at Mango Manny’s, Michele never missed a game and made it known to all around who is the best team in the NFL.


On a personal note, I was fortunate enough to meet Michele once in passing at an NFLPA event in Pittsburgh.  Right away I could tell she not only was a serious die-hard, but that she also knew exactly what she was talking about when it came to the team.  I only chatted with her for a brief time (since Ryan Clark walked up to where we were standing her attention was diverted…and who could blame her, right?) but even in that short period of time it was easy to see why she was so beloved by everyone who knew her.  Most of my interaction with Michele was online, since she was one of the first people to “friend” me when I found that evil little thing called Facebook.  She might have had thousands of friends, but she seemed to actually have a real and meaningful relationship with each one.  I am sure all would agree with me that we loved reading her rants, complaints after a loss, her gleeful posts after a win, jokes, witty comments to other fans; she was not only incredibly knowledgeable but extremely entertaining.  Some of the Facebook groups we shared just won’t be the same without her. 


Her good friends Jason and Jayden Robinson put it best in a tribute to her when they wrote:


When she talked to people she always made sure you knew she loved them. She was never afraid to show that emotion to anyone. She had her problems, like many do, but instead of wallowing in them she used laughter as a way of dealing with them. I know from personal experience that when I was feeling blue, all I had to do was go to contact Michele or go to her Wall on Facebook and I was no longer blue. She always had me smiling. I know she did that for a lot of people on there as well. Just last week, Michele, another mutual friend Larry Sayre and I were joking and laughing together. That is how I am going to choose to remember Michele, for the laughter and joy she brought to my life and the lives of so many others with her charm.



If you get on Facebook tonight you will find endless posts about our dear friend. I guarantee, knowing Michele, that if you listen closely you can still hear her leading the “Here We Go, Steelers!” chant.”



They have a beautiful tribute to Michele up on their site that all of Michele’s friends have to read.  Please take the time to read their amazing tribute to Michele here:



God has a plan for everybody, even if we can’t fully understand why He would take somebody seemingly so long before it should be their ‘time.’  He decides when to call you back home and be with Him in paradise, and the fact that He called Michele home on 12-12-12 simply showed that He not only works in mysterious ways but must also be a Steeler fan.  Michele’s favorite Steeler, the one she LOVED, was the greatest #12 of them all; Terry Bradshaw. 



Steeler Sunday’s just won’t be the same without Michele, but we can rest assured that she now has the best seat in the house to watch every play of her beloved Black and Gold.   Steeler Nation will miss you, La Famiglia will miss you, but you will never be forgotten.



Rest in Peace, our Steeler Sister.  We’ll see you again some day, until then just keep waving that Terrible Towel and cheering for our Black and Gold.





Remember to please visit our friends at:


and see their wonderful tribute to Michele.





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