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Tempy Moore: La Famiglia's Artist

By Leisure Suit Lou
March 02, 2013

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One of Tempy's Steeler pieces of art.

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Tempy's prized Myron Cope sketch

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Franco's Immaculate Reception

Every family is full of people with different talents.  For instance, my wife and mom are excellent photographers, my sister in law is a great singer, I have cousins that are unbelievable hockey players, and my dad can solve any puzzle or riddle known to man.  Me?  I can polish off a 6-pack and bucket of wings before the first TV timeout of any NFL game effortlessly.

Our Mafia Famiglia is no different, with many SCM members having many different talents.

One such SCM member with an extraordinary talent is artist Tempy Moore.

She’s always loved creating artwork, and continued on this artistic path when she earned her degree in Graphic Design in Pittsburgh.  However, it was two distinct events that led her to be the sought after sports artist that she is today.  First came the classic Myron Cope with his Terrible Towel sketch that she completed for her husband, Scott.  It was a chalk and pencil piece that had people inquiring about her work instantly once they saw it.  This led many of her friends and family members commissioning her for original pieces of art, mostly children and personal portraits, but there were a few that started asking for portraits of the favorite sports figures.  This grass roots talk of her “Myron Cope” piece started to really get her professional art career a quick jump start.

Tempy and Scott started showing more of her work at different outlets, such as local arts and crafts shows and mall events.  People loved her work; and she was repeatedly asked if she could create pieces of art of Pittsburgh sports legends.  While Tempy admittedly was never a big sports fan, the majority of her commissions seemed to be geared to the sports enthusiasts.

Then in 2008, Tempy won a contest and received two tickets to see the Pens and Flyers in Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.  Seeing this playoff game live and in person changed her whole outlook on sports.  She was now completely hooked!   Not only could she create incredible works of art detailing sports heroes for fanatical fans, she was also quickly becoming a rabid sports fan herself. 

Shortly thereafter she was chosen to have works displayed at the Pennsylvania Society Artist for Consol Energy in the Empire Room, located in the Empire State building in New York City.   This was only the beginning, and soon was even being commissioned by athletes and families for personal portraits to be done.  Recently she was contacted by the owner of Leaf Trading Cards and was commissioned to design and create a “Best in Baseball 2012” set of trading cards.  This will be a limited edition, 750 card set of original pencil sketches of the best players in the sport, designed and created by Tempy herself.

Tempy finished up 2012 by having her artwork on display at the Mel Blount’s 14th Annual Celebrity Roast, honoring forming Pittsburgh great Tony Dungy.  The pieces were prominently displayed throughout the entire event, and were even featured on the TV telecast of the event. 

This artistic Mafia member is now extremely excited about the upcoming Steeler season, stating that “I’d like to see an improved offensive line to protect Big Ben and give him a little more time, and with a healthier and dominant defense I can’t wait to see our boys dominate the AFC North again!” 

Just ask her, and she’ll tell you defense is the key.  Her favorite current player right now is Troy Polomalu, and all time fave has to be the one and only Jack Lambert.

“Lambert’s my favorite, for his hard work on every single play.  And you can really see the passion he has for the team and the game of football”

She’s always been a creative artist, and over the last few years has quickly become one of the top sports artists in the Pittsburgh area.   She’s also become a tremendous Pittsburgh sports fan over that same timeframe.  How big of a fan now, you might ask?

Well, let’s just say their dog answers to the name of Rooney…




Tempy’s work and commission information can be found at her website:


Also make sure you ‘like’ their FaceBook page for more information and incredible images. 


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