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Aji's Sports Bar and Grill

December 28, 2013

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These Bosses will treat you right at Aji's.

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Good times at Steelers-Pats game.

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Great seating to see the Black and Gold!

Name: Ajiís Sports Bar and Grill
Address: 3896 Lamar Ave Memphis Tennessee 38118 Telephone : 901-888-6700 Website:
The Memphis Chapter of the SteelCity Mafia made Ajiís Sports Bar and Grill their new home October 13, 2013. Ajiís has great Game day specials, including giving Mafia members 5% off regular priced items, as well as discounted game day special food, drinks, and beer specials.
Not sure what you want to eat during the game? No problem, Ajiís food cuisine consists of a wide selection of American, Mexican, and Indian food.
Ajiís is not only just a great place to eat, but itís also a great spot to watch football with plenty of seating, 13 high definition televisions, and a high definition projector with a huge screen to enjoy the Black and Gold on. This gives everyone an opportunity to watch each and every play no matter where you sit.
Ajiís General Manager, Santosh Iyer, is also a very active member of the Memphis Chapter of the Steel City Mafia, so making La Famiglia comfortable is one of his top priorities!
In Memphis and looking for a place to catch a game and hang out with some great members of Steeler Nation?
Head to Ajiís and Fugettaboutit!!

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