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Meet the Memphis Chapter of the SCM

By Lou Bouris
December 28, 2013

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Game Day in Memphis!

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SCM Memphis helping the youth in their community

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Memphis Chapter - new Members always welcomed!

As most of our Mafia members know by now, the SCM is in pretty much every major city across this great Black and Gold Nation of ours. One of our newest Chapters to the SCM Family also happens to be one of the fastest growing and most active Chapters out there.
In 2011, Steeler fan Jacki Halmon learned of the Mafia from current SCM member Alan Yenglin, and soon thereafter he moved to Memphis and quickly found himself surrounded by other Steeler fans. He saw this as an opportunity to bring the Famiglia to Memphis, and to give the Memphis Steeler fans a way of joining together as one united group.
In April of 2013 Boss Halmon recruited Cherri Martin and Nikol Stitt, and the Memphis Chapter of the SCM was born. The three started recruiting, and the Chapter quickly started to grow. Currently they have 63 members with at least 60% of participation on game days. The Chapter is still growing; utilizing our mission statement “Uniting Steeler fans worldwide, in the common interest of developing fan recognition, fan benefits, and a positive fan presence in all communities.”
Sure, this group of Black and Gold loving fans get together and have fun every game day, but there’s a lot more to them than just having a good time at their Hangout (Aji’s Sports Bar and Grill).
This group is also extremely active out in the Memphis community, helping any way they can with local charities and youth activities.
Their focus for charities are Sickle Cell, Diabetes, with an interest with The Whitehaven Steeler's Football Team which is a part of the Whitehaven Junior Sports Association (WJSA)...where they teach discipline, motivation, the love of football, and cheerleading for ages 6-12. Just this year, Memphis SCM Chapter participated in the Mark Walden Sickle Cell Walk, fan donations to the Aging Commission of the Mid-South (AAA- Assistance Advocacy Answers on Aging) during the hot summer months, and donating and delivering food to two families during Thanksgiving.
Show up to Aji’s on any game day, and you’ll not only find a big group of fun-loving Mafia members enjoying a Steeler game, but will also be able to enjoy the Memphis SCM’s very own DJ known as”DJ Scut Steelerforlife”. He came up with a “Steeler Rock” for touchdowns, helps the house countdown for all Steeler 1st downs, and by all means, leads the waving of everyone’s terrible towels with victories!
Currently the Memphis Chapter is working on their calendar for 2014 with great things to do with our charities and increase awareness to our great organization of SteelCity Mafia. Stay tuned in by liking and watching our face book fan page on “Memphis Chapter SteelCity Mafia.” Head to Memphis and look them up!!!!!!

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