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2008 October Chapter Spotlight – Fagans Ale House (Yonkers, New York)

By Lou Bouris - SCM #1384
October 25, 2008
SCM Chapter Name: Fagans Ale House
Web Site:
   Local Boss Andrew Donnadio (aka  Boss A.D.) heads up the SCM family at one of the family’s newest hangouts, Fagans Ale House in Yonkers, New York.  Andrew became a Boss at the beginning of this season and lined up Fagans as the place for the family to gather on game days.   This is the first season for Fagans to be an SCM hangout, but the bar and Boss A.D quickly signed up 23 new family members with the number sure to keep growing.  Not only do SCM members get drink specials such as $3 drafts/mixed drinks/shots, and food trays on game days, but the SCM family is guaranteed total control of all the televisions and their volumes throughout the entire establishment.  Although they get a lot of Jets fans on game days as well, the SCM takes over the entire bar and the Steelers are featured on most of the TVs.  One game day ritual Boss A.D has at Fagans is the “Family” does a shot of Remy Martin before each kickoff, and follows each win with another “victory shot.”  Boss A.D and his Fagans family want the SCM to know how much they support not only the Steelers, but all of the charitable events sponsored by the SCM.  To that point, they sold over 30 tickets for the Andy Russell Foundation raffle, and are looking forward to growing their membership and holding a fan rally at their location very soon.

   Boss A.D and Fagans are always looking for new members to come and join them support our Steelers, as well as existing Family members that are looking to just hangout and have a good time in New York. 

Contact information on this SCM Hangout:

            942 McLean Ave, Yonkers New York (on the Bronx Border)
            (914) 237-5743

Local Boss:
            Andrew Donnadio
            [email protected]

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