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Steve Yurk

By SteelCity Mafia
January 07, 2009

Tell me something personal about you and the Steelers?

I had the idea for the song “The 12th Man Song” because I never heard a team song or anthem that actually recognized that the team and the fans are one.  They need us and we need them. If you are a Steelers fan and you hear the song you get it, and nobody else in the league can understand because they are simply fans, not FAMILY.  As the song goes “Everybody knows we got the 12th man, cause the lord loves the Steeler fans.”
What made you a Steelers fan?
I was born and raised in Pittsburgh and remember as a young boy before games were sellouts, my father and uncles would drive up to Meadville Pa, which was outside of the Pittsburgh market and get a hotel room and watch the games on television. I didn’t understand why we had to go to a hotel to watch the game but I loved the camaraderie of hanging with a bunch of guys and my brothers and cousins. That was in the early 70’s and then all the sellouts began and games were televised on local TV. I was 10 years old then and understood Steelers football.
What is your favorite Steelers memory?
My favorite memory was being in Detroit and watching the clock run down and seeing the Steelers once again as Super Bowl Champs.
Who are your top five Steelers favorite players?
Wow…there have been so many over the years but #1 is number 86 Hines Ward, because of his passion and heart you can just see it in him in every play, every game.  The other four I would say are Jack Ham who as a kid watching him, noticed he was always around the ball and making plays. Troy Polamalu who seems to always make plays nobody else in the league could. John Stallworth great hands; he had a style about him that was cool, and last but not least Mel Blount, what can you say they changed the rules because he used to beat up receivers.
Who is your favorite coach amongst Noll, Cowher, or Tomlin?
I liked Cowher’s passion, and Noll seemed no nonsense to me, but Tomlin has the best press conferences. He uses sayings and speaks so well I find him entertaining. So I’d say Tomlin.
What team do you like the least?
I hate Cleveland, but due to their sorry examples of a team lately, I have shifted my complete and utter disgust for the Baltimore Ravens.  We have the best defense, not them. They are a bunch of wannabes. They are jealous and dirty, and wish they were in the great STEELER uniform.
What separates the Steelers Nation from the rest of the NFL fans in your opinion?
The song the “12th Man Song” says it all. It is our pride and loyalty and love for our city. There is no secret why our team continues to get primetime attention and nationally televised games.  If you are a Steelers fan you are a welcome member of the family and the family continues to grow by leaps and bounds.
If you were coaching the Steelers what change/changes would you make?
I wouldn’t change much; the formula seems to be working. We could maybe use a fullback a little more.
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