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Christopher Eger

April 04, 2009
Let me give you a little information about me. I am from San Jose, California (the bay area). I currently live in Elk Grove, California that is in the suburbs of Sacramento. My game day hang out is Steve’s Pizza. The Sacramento chapter of Steel City Mafia currently has 43 official SCM members and we average around 90-100 fans on any given Sunday. Next season I will be in charge the Folsom, California chapter at a venue called Po Boyz, which is owned by ex-Steeler Mike Taylor. Mike was the number one draft pick of the Steelers in 1968 coming out of USC. 1968 was the same draft class as Rocky Bleier. I am looking forward to starting up this new chapter and building the SCM family.
I have been a Steelers fan for as long as I can remember. My father was a Steelers fan and raised me as one and now I am raising my two children to be Steeler fans as well. I would have to say my earliest Steelers memory is when they won Super Bowl XIV. I was only four years old when they won that game but what I remember the most about it was all of the “Terrible Towels” being waved and the crowd going nuts. That’s when I knew I was a fan of the best team in all of sports, and to this day that feeling has only become stronger. I would have to say my two favorite current players are Hines Ward first. This man is a class act! He should be the blueprint for all football players. My second in line is James Farrior. I have always been a fan of the defense.
Farrior is one of the best inside linebackers to ever play the game and probably the most underrated. This man is a monster! Now my favorite Steeler of all time? I have two of those as well. Without a doubt, my number one favorite is Jack Lambert. Following Lambert is Mike Merriweather. He had some big shoes to fill when Lambert retired, and I feel as though he did just that. I recently had the privilege of having Mr. Merriweather come to my game day hang out for the playoff game versus San Diego. It was truly an honor to meet him and may I say he is one of the most genuine individuals you will ever meet.
Do I have game day rituals? This might sound weird, but I go to my favorite Mexican food restaurant every Sunday like clockwork. I order a big bowl of “menudo” and a couple of beers. I eat this every Sunday morning during football season. It sets the mind and body straight! I have been a Steel City Mafia member since October 2008 and very proud of it. Being a member of Steeler Nation is an awesome feeling. I take a lot of pride in being a part of Steeler Nation. Other than being with my wife and kids, there is no better feeling than being surrounded by other Steelers fans. To this day I can honestly say I have not met a Steeler fan I didn't like. I will always be a part of Steeler Nation and that’s something that nobody can ever take from me.
I feel Mike Tomlin is doing a great job as the new head coach. I would have to admit I was worried when we had a changing of the guard. Coach Cowher was such a phenomenal coach. To see coach Tomlin come in and not change the fundamentals of Steelers football was wonderful. We have always been a smash mouth football team and i have a lot of respect for him not trying to fix something that wasn't broken. The Rooney family has always known a good thing when they see it. As far as me suggesting changing anything in the organization…no way! Once again don't try to fix what isn't broken. What we do works for us. Keep pounding that rock!
I would like to thank the SCM organization for the amazing support they have displayed to me this last season. Because of that support and the help from a few fellow bosses, the Sacramento chapter has flourished and i am looking forward to the next season and the growth of the SCM family.
Boss "Chinstrap"
SCM #3243

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