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Robert Ironhead Hall

By Lou Bouris, SteelCity Mafia
May 04, 2009

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  I've been a Steeler Fan since I was five year old. My earliest Steeler memory is actually how I became a Steeler fan. My father, who is the biggest Cleveland Browns fan, made me watch the Steelers in their first Super Bowl with him. When they won, I remember everyone on t.v. was going crazy, jumping, screaming and running around. I said to myself, "Wow," that's the greatest team in the world. Subsequently, the Steelers won three more championships in the next five (5) years, further hardening my love for the team. It's funny though, my father asked me years later, how I became a Steeler when everyone I knew were Browns fans? I told him, "It's your fault." He replied, "How is it my fault?" I said, "Remember when you made me watch the Steelers first Super Bowl? He said, "Yes." I told him, "If you would have just let me run along a be a five year old kid, and play, I'd probably be a Browns fan." He apologized and I said,"No, don't apologize, I thank you, I appreciate what you have done." Funny how life works out, huh?

  My favorite player of all time would have to be The Golden Boy, Terry Bradshaw. Back in his day he was a Wizard working magic each and every Sunday. But my favorite current player is "The Human Pit Bull," Troy Polamalu. He's a nightmare to an opposing offense. I like what Peyton Manning had to say about Troy. He said he hates playing the Steelers because of Troy. Everytime I audible, he audibles, you only have so much time to snap the ball. Peyton also said, Troy is never out of position, because he doesn't have one. Polamalu has saved our butts several times.

  I don't really have any Steeler game day rituals, but maybe I do if you consider I have to have beef and beer on the table when I watch the game. No chicken on my plate. It's a Black Angus Bacon burger, or a cheese steak for me. I think you ought to give those wimpy Buffalo Wings to the lady next to you. There isn't enough meat for a man on them. You have to eat 15 just to know you've done something, that's too much work. You're a Steeler, eat some real food, get some beef in you life!!!!

  I've been a member of the SteelCity Mafia since December of 2007. I'm currently the local Mafia Boss of Dayton, Ohio area. I'm known as Big Boss Ironhead. I currently have 50 members and we hangout at 8 Ball & Wings. I've also just signed a new hangout called Lights & Siren in Dayton too. I'm going to concentrate on getting about 50 or more members there as well.

 Being a member of the Worldwide Steeler Nation is an honor and a priveledge for me. I wear my colors year around and am proud of it. I find that everywhere you go in America, you will find the Nation and its fans in droves. You don't know them personally, but they're not strangers either. You feel as if you have known them all your life. It's a wonderful feeling to have every race, creed, color and religion sharing the exact love of the Steeler organization.

  I think that Mike Tomlin is doing a great job as coach. He had some big shoes to fill, Chuck Knoll and Bill "The Chin" Cower. He has done well. I'm glad we have hime. He's a Steeler style coach. The one thing that I would do different, or that I don't like is, they play Big Ben when he is hurt or sick. WHY? You have have a perfectly good back up in Batch or Leftwich. Ben has lost several games for us because he was in the game when he shouldn't have been. Also I would really look to improving our offensive line. We have major problems there. The got it together during the last part of the season, but Ben is on his back way too often. He had sixteen (16) weeks worth of sacks after only eight (8) weeks of football. Unacceptable!!!!!

  I'm up for the honor of being a MADE MEMBER this year. There are 14 candidates that are more than worthy for there commitment to the growning of the SCM family, but they are only awarding 6-10 with the honor. I just hope to be in that number. If not, there is always next year. You may remember the purple suit I wore for the banquet last year if any of you went to the Sit-Down....Either way I am prepairing a suit for the the upcoming Annual SteelCity Mafia Banquet that I call, the "SHOW STOPPER!!" I will give no hints to what or how it will look, you will just have to show up and see. Fellas, I am raising the bar again. Check out my Steeler page on Myspace, it's one of the coolest on the web.

Boss Robert "Ironhead" Hall Jr. (aka Ed)
SCM # 2401

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