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Top Earners

The following is a "dynamic" list of members who have been credited with recruiting other new members.  A member is credited with a recruit, when the recruitee enters the member # of the recruiter into the "Recruited By" field on the online application or paper application completed at an event or local SCM venue.  The recruits are tallied automatically once a member is entered into the membership system.
If you feel that the # of recruits you have been credited for is inaccurate, we can easily make corrections to ensure proper credit is given for all of your recruits.  Simply contact [email protected] via email and provide a list of the names and member #'s of your recruits as best you can.  We will then research each member you list and make sure you have been properly credited as their recruiter.  Thanks to each and everyone of you for helping make SCM what it is!  And that is nothing short of the biggest and the best Steeler fan organization in the world!!!
Grazie ... The Godfather and SCM Staff

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